The future cost of healthcare.

Prior to any healthcare reforms, the cost of health insurance in 7 years will be 41% of the average family’s pre-tax income.

And we’ll likely have federal mandates to purchase health insurance.

And insurance companies will be required to cover more than the minimum they require now. Premiums will increase.

And they’ll be required to cover everyone. Premiums will increase.

And there will be no lifetime caps. Premiums will increase.

Health insurance premiums in Massachusetts did not decrease after mandates went into effect. In fact, they increased.

Private insurance companies, for the past 30 years, have shown irrefutable evidence that they cannot control costs. Regulating them more and forcing them to do more micromanagement will markedly increase their cost of doing business.

In 7 years, are you prepared to pay nearly 50% of your pre-tax income on health insurance? And then you must pay taxes of 30%. Luckily, we’ll walk away with 20% of our income we can spend on the rest of our lives like food, water, and shelter…and maybe a go-kart ride.

The taxation rate of those socialist countries starts looking pretty good eh?

The main difference between our systems and those socialists, is that they spend 65% of their income on a controllable industry. It’s a closed loop of government money.

We’ll soon be spending 80% of our income on taxes and a completely uncontrollable and unaccountable industry.

If history has taught us anything about the health insurance industry, it’s that they’ll take all your money, make your life miserable, abandon you when you face financial ruin, and spit you out no healthier than when you came into their services.

I’ll say it again, throw money at closed loop private system startups that are controllable and accountable. Don’t give a single goddamn penny to the health insurance villains that are happier than a clam to take your money with no incentive to protect you from financial ruin and ill-health.

Throw money at disruption. Not life support.