We’re rolling out a big new development today:

Introducing Tag Channels.

Similar to Flickr’s tag pages or Twitter’s hashtags, Tumblr’s Tag Channels aggregate tagged posts from everyone on Tumblr in real time with a few special twists:

  • To deal with the overwhelming volume of content that makes most real-time search incredibly unwieldy, we’ve developed a clustering engine that lets you quickly filter the 650,000 new Tumblr posts created every day, based on likes and reblogs.  You can see a few of the best posts or more unfiltered posts.
  • Our post-filtering is automatically calibrating to apply more or less filtering (by default) based on the level of activity in a channel.
  • Built-in throttling (still being tweaked) prevents monopolization by individual blogs.
  • Tags are normalized, so “Barack Obama” = “barackobama”.
  • We’ve made it super-easy to track tags on your Dashboard.

We’re still right in the middle of development.  A few things might be acting funny, and we’re not done with the central tag directory yet.  So please bear with us!

Now start tagging your posts. 🙂

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I really like how the sliders turned out on this. And look—my face is on Mashable! Also, a bunch of stuff I designed…

Tumblr is probably the most interesting site and community on the internet at the moment.