I think we should give up on reform and invest in creating something new.

The healthcare industry as a business model is criminal. It’s too far gone. It works for those making profits off the industry. It doesn’t work for us as citizens in need of quality healthcare at an affordable price with promises of protection from financial ruin. I say let it die.

Why are we throwing money at a criminal and dying industry? Did we not learn our lesson with our investment in GM?

While we watch the dinosaurs die, carefully architect a system from the ground up and start a new public works project for rebuilding a new American healthcare system that simply plays by different rules, similar to the Cleveland Clinic, Mayo, and Kaiser. But instead of these massive brick and mortar institutions, create a virtual system with highly specialized care. Because right now, hospitals in America try to do everything for everybody.

Treat this new creation like it’s a new interstate highway system. We have to rebuild from the ground up.

Create highly focused, streamlined specialty groups that do very few things, but do them very well. As we rebuild, shuffle those people from the dinosaurs into the systems that are carefully architected to deliver healthcare at half the cost and double the quality. Those healthcare providers who work at these facilities would be salaried at a very competitive rate and would be incented to do what’s right for the patient, not how much they can do for the patient. They would be protected from malpractice cases. Patients who purchase services from this new system would, in exchange for healthcare that costs half as much, agree to certain terms that would limit financial gain from medical errors. These micro-hospitals could look like this and function like this.

Gradually, as this new system grows, we transition everyone out of this mess and into a real American Healthcare System.

It’s the only way. Please Obama, don’t throw our money at life support for something that’s tanking our country. You are wasting your time and our money. Rebuild from the ground up and tell all those lobbyists and greedy profiteers to go to hell.