The US gets the least amount of value per investment than any other country. Canada is 3x the ROI, UK is 2x.

How Effective is American Healthcare? – Umair Haque –

The main problem with the US Healthcare “System” is that the value we obtain for our insane investment is atrocious. This chart highlights this nicely.

Healthcare delivery is a process. If we have no “System” to facilitate this process, that’s sort of like asking a bunch of disconnected, independent auto workers to find a place and come together on their own accord to build a ton of cars. Sure, they could build cars. It would take a ton of time and would be astronomically expensive, but it could be done. That’s sort of like healthcare in America. The ROI for a disconnected, perversely incented system shouldn’t even be measured. Like Obama says, “its kind of like the Special Olympics.”

Here’s the definition of system:

system |ˈsistəm|
1 a set of connected things or parts forming a complex whole, in particular

So…no…we have no healthcare “System” in America. We have a healthcare industry.

We need a System.