Visa Business and Hello Health launches today.

Starting today you’ll probably be seeing me and Hello Health all over the United States on the radio, on TV, in magazines, and, of course, on the innernet.

Visa contacted me back in February asking if I wanted to be one of the faces of Visa Small Business for this year’s advertising campaign about how Visa enables small businesses to be more efficient. I, of course, said yes. In March, I did a photoshoot in LA and spent a few days shooting a commercial in Brooklyn about Hello Health uses Visa. For you Williamsburgers, you’ll notice Diner.

Hello Health literally couldn’t function without the efficiencies of purchasing services online with credit cards like Visa.

At the same time, Visa is launching the Visa Business Network– a social network for connecting small business owners in order to learn helpful hints from one another. They’ve been on Facebook for a few years now and have signed up over 30,000 small business owners. They ported everything from Facebook onto their new site. Check out my profile and sign up if you are a business owner.

Also, don’t forget to check out Hello Health for Business in the near future. Your small business will soon be able to create an account on Hello Health and associate your employees with that account enabling you, as an employer, to pay for all of your employees’ healthcare usage in one monthly sum.

So click here to see the commercial.

Visa Business and Hello Health launches today.