KALINA Magazine #3 REMIX. Out Now!
40 pages. $10!

For this issue of KALINA, I asked a bunch of my favorite artists, illustrators and designers to take one (or more) of my photographs and reinterpret them however they like.

Qian Qian / Staynice / Leif Parsons / Ravi Vasavan / Zack Nathanson /
Laura Rieland / Jeffrey Docherty Son of Tam / Steve Nishimoto / Jessica Walsh / Alice Cho / Joshua Covarrubias / Maayan Pearl / karlssonwilker, nyc / Toko / Grzegorz Domaradzki / Patrick Moberg / tiphanie brooke / Martina Fugazzotto / David Trawin / Aakash Nihalani Andy Miller / Mike DeSutter / Adam Dedman / Nicholas Felton / Andy Dixon / with a foreword by William Bostwick

Visit to see a few page spreads.
Purchase a copy of the magazine direct -> here.


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