If the insurance companies have proved without a doubt for the past 4 decades that they are absolutely inept at cost-effectively managing disease, why is the federal government mandating that the American people purchase their services?

If you thought bailing out Detroit dinosaurs and fraudulent Wall Street was bad, this should make your blood boil.

But, it’s all in context. If we don’t hand the private health insurance industry trillions of dollars, uninsured women and children will die.

There is a better way. Foster new business models of healthcare delivery. Act like a VC fund (or the US military) who has a few hundred billion to lose knowing that one of your investments will absolutely nail it and provide cost-effective care for the American people at scale. Gamble. Take chances. That’s the only way to succeed. Get the dinosaurs out of the playing field. Don’t ask the dinosaurs for their advice. Don’t ask them to fix the problem. You can’t ask the newspapers to invent Craigslist.

The goal should be to disrupt the current players, get them out of the way, and do things differently and better.