If Toyota tried to build a higher quality, less expensive car today without changing the process of manufacturing that car, how do you think they’d go about doing that?

Even better, the assembly line for manufacturing that car was built about a hundred years ago and was designed to make any kind of car imaginable.

In short, Toyota simply couldn’t do it. Investing more and more money into the same antiquated assembly line will do nothing but waste money.

Toyota has become a leader because they understand that it’s all about designing an efficient process to create higher quality for less money.

There is no talk in Washington at all about changing the process of healthcare delivery. Is anyone asking what it means to receive healthcare? Is anyone asking what it means to go to the doctor? Is anyone asking why doctors aren’t paid for communication, but simply for office visits and procedures? Is anyone asking why?

Changing who invests (or rather pays) for a laughably inefficient process composed of parties who all have disparate interests will only waste money. I’m afraid Obama’s healthcare bill is simply barking up the wrong money tree.