Why I’m so optimistic.

I very much believe that “healthcare reform” (if we see any “reform”) will be legislated handouts to those current players who spend the most on lobbyists. I have no faith in our government to do the right thing given that our government feels the need to protect corporate interests more than citizen interests.

However, companies come and companies go. Ford lost. Enron lost. The financial sector is losing. Newspapers lost. Television is losing. Book stores and CD shops…lost. Etc…

iTunes, Amazon, Craigslist, Google, Apple won. And it only took a few years for these new highly efficient companies to take over. The same thing will happen in healthcare. Our country is full of super smart entrepreneurs willing and ready to disrupt an industry that currently maximizes profitability by charging double what healthcare should cost.

Hey dinosaurs…your profitability simply can’t last for much longer.

Because out on the periphery there’s a couple “guys in a garage” creating something you should fear. And that something will eventually be more efficient and designed to shrink your current system to about 40% of what it currently is today. I believe in our country and the intelligent individuals who have the freedom to change things for the better using new tools that dinosaurs simply don’t understand. And that, my friends, is why I’m so optimistic.