Welcome to the new Hello Health!

The next evolution of Hello Health went live today. It’s essentially an entirely new everything and one we’ve been working on for the past year.

It’s now possible for anyone in the United States to sign up for Hello Health and use it to store your medical information. We’ll let you know when doctors open in your neighborhood. And it’s totally free to create an account. However, each doctor on Hello Health has a few settings within their profile:

  • How much they charge per hour or per kind of visit
  • How much they charge per month to be a member of their practice (this can range from $0 to $10,000…it’s completely up to them)

We’re keeping it small for the next month or so and then enabling a really awesome beta group of doctors to start practicing all over the US. So please stay tuned. And follow along as we grow and add more doctors and specialists on Hello Health. The beautiful thing is that it’s now super easy for a doctor, once approved by us, to create a profile and start practicing with Hello Health. It’s like a social network for doctors as well to connect with one another and start working together for your health.

It’s a whole new world…

Anyway, please check out the new Hello Health. Create an account, friend us on Facebook, and follow us on Twitter.

We’ll keep you updated…

Here’s our new video:


And here’s our introductory post:

On August 11th, 2008 our humble Williamsburg practice opened its doors. We had no idea what to expect. And then the first patient walked in, saw Dr. Khozin, and went home. She had no idea she was the very first patient. And she blogged about how great it was.

I guess you could say we were off to a great start.

It’s been almost one year since opening. We’ve had our challenges and sure learned a lot. And we’ve taken all of that knowledge and made something that we feel is really, really great. Today, we’re launching something much bigger and much better. We’re the beginning of a nationwide health network of health professionals and their patients all working together to experience high quality, accessible, convenient, communicative healthcare. We’re more like the Huffington Post than the Washington Post. We’re not rooted in the 20th Century. We’re rooted in today’s technology, today’s communication, and today’s efficiencies. We have a simple, but ambitious goal of delivering healthcare at half the cost but double the quality. The dream is happening…later this summer, we’ll be opening up the platform to doctors and patients all over the country. We won’t be just some small doctor’s practice in Williamsburg. We’ll be a nationwide network of doctors and patients who simply want a better, more communicative experience with one another.

These are our dreams. But the reality is we’re a healthcare startup just trying to create a better healthcare experience for both patients and doctors. In all humility, we’ve got some serious challenges to overcome.

Healthcare is a mess and we’d like to do our best to fix it. But that’s going to take a partnership between everyone involved in healthcare. If you are a business or an insurance, pharmaceutical, or lab company who is willing to join the revolution, we’re ready and willing to start working together to do things right. We invite anyone and everyone to join the revolution. We can’t do this alone. We absolutely believe that we’ll all succeed— patients, doctors, and Hello Health. So for all of you Williamsburgers who have helped kickstart this revolution…thank you from the bottom of our hearts. For all of you doctors who have contacted us throughout the country asking to sign up…thank you for spurring us on.

We just wanted to share our dreams with you. And, of course, welcome you to the new Hello Health. Please tell all your friends and family members.


The Hello Health Team

Welcome to the new Hello Health!