If you like your doctor, you keep your doctor. If you like your insurance, you keep your insurance. Period. End of story.

Barack Obama

This is bullshit. You can’t even keep your doctor or insurance now let alone in the proposed legislation. Your employer decides what your options are, and if they think they can get a better deal elsewhere, they will, whether you like them or not. I positively despise when politicians lie through their teeth.

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Yep. This is bullshit. Doctors in America get paid for volume. The more office visits and procedures they do, the more they get paid. Given that fatal flaw of our healthcare system, there is simply no way to reign in costs and eliminate the “supply creates demand” game. If you pay doctors less, they’ll simply increase their volume. Increasing volume will obviously decrease quality and positive patient experience.

Since there is no single entity financially and qualitatively responsible for your health in Obama’s “reform,” every stakeholder providing care within the System will continue to have their own disparate interests each with a goal of doing more to make more.

Since doctor salaries only make up about 10% of total healthcare costs in our country, the first thing to do is round up doctors into connected groups responsible for a population of people’s health, pay them well (even more than what they’re making now as an investment and incentive to get them to participate) and tell them they have one goal…do what’s right for these patients and stop playing the “how many things can we order to maximize our revenue” game.

Make doctor’s lives better and I think we’ll quickly see that happy doctors make for happy patients. It’s a small investment for a much greater return.

And do the country one favor– get the current bastards running the healthcare system today out of our future system. Foster startups who want to change things rather than incumbents who want to maintain the status quo.