GOP Rep.: Public Health Care Option “Is Gonna Kill People”

You gotta love this sort of rhetoric.

This guy is:

  • A congressman
  • Old (theoretically wise)

It’s people like this that proves no matter the age nor the position, you shouldn’t base your respect on age or position. And, of course, it gives us all hope that we can do anything we want in this country and our success has nothing to do with our intelligence.

Britain and Canada have higher quality healthcare systems at the entire population level…NOT at the individual level where someone with money can purchase the highest quality care. However, both of those countries deliver higher quality care than the US at nearly half the cost…and they have a “public plan.”

It’s interesting to note that our healthcare system kills more of our citizens than Canada or Britain. As a matter of fact, because only 15% of doctors in America use computers, medication errors kill over 100,000 people per year. Michael Jackson is a perfect example. It’s a fundamental system error that he was allowed to have the variety of prescription drugs that poisoned his body. However, the number of drugs in his body was probably the equivalent to the number of drugs in the average elderly person in America. When over 95% of drugs are dispensed with nothing more than paper and handwriting, you can see how 100,000 people can die every year.

But, remember Rep. Broun…the biggest threat to our vitality is another public insurance company. Good one jackass.

GOP Rep.: Public Health Care Option “Is Gonna Kill People”