I spoke at the Guardian Activate 09 today

All in all, I had a fantastic day at the event. Highlights for me included:

  • Arianna Huffington (“we shouldn’t be thinking about how to save newspapers, we should be thinking about how to save journalists.”)
  • Clare Lockhart (spent a day in NYC with her last week where we both realized we’d be speaking together again in London this week…hung out with her and seven other people, including David Iglesias, at this really amazing event that will be revealed why in a few months…needless to say, I’m super, super excited to be a part of this group.)
  • Andy Baio speaking about Mechanical Turk and Kickstarter.
  • Matt Webb speaking about Here and There.

Activate was #3 on Twitter Trends today (behind Happy Canada Day and Michael Jackson).

Some nice Twitter comments about my presentation I very much appreciate:

  • “Jay Parkinson gets my prize for best slides so far”
  • “Jay Parkinson doing good job of being the antithesis of death by PowerPoint…”
  • “Jay Parkinson @ Hello Health just described what I have been asking my Doc for for ages. Can we make this happen in UK? Pls.”
  • @jayparkinson making reinventing health care so sane and simple sounding.  Spellbinding.
  • Favorite talks #activate09 – @Werner, @umairh, Steve Papa, Nick Bostrom, Sugata Mitra, Iqbal Quadir, Jay Parkinson, Arianna Huffington
  • “Jay Parkinson: How medics should use web2.0 for patient care. Good idea but many miles away from the UK reality.”

I fully agree with that last tweet. My ideas sure are many miles away for any sort of health system that’s 100% regulated and controlled by the government. The best way to kill innovation in anything is to have the government run and pay for an industry. Bureaucrats and pilot projects will stifle freedom to experiment and freedom to fail.