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What’s Wrong With a Single-Payer System?

soupsoup: I know the good doctor Jay Parkinson has addressed this before, but I think it’s worth taking another look. Thanks…it’s actually very simple. It doesn’t matter who pays for healthcare if doctors are incentivized to do as much as they can and the processes of delivering healthcare are such a convoluted mess with no deliverer nor payor of healthcare responsible for your health. The … Continue reading What’s Wrong With a Single-Payer System?

HSAs and Choice

innonate: For the first time in my life, I don’t have Dental Insurance. I do, however, have an HSA which can be used for all dental-related expenses. Today, I went to my 6 month dentist appointment. At the start, they wanted to give me my yearly x-ray, and so — now that I’m in control of my medical expenses — I questioned the necessity of … Continue reading HSAs and Choice

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Obama’s Eight Points

soupsoup: thepoliticalpartygirl: from Ezra Klein/The Washington Post Barack Obama is going on the road today with a retooled pitch for health-care reform. In particular, he’s emphasizing how reform will help the rest of us. To dramatize this, the White House has come up with the eight guarantees that will be written into health care bill: No Discrimination for Pre-Existing Conditions: Insurance companies will be prohibited from … Continue reading Obama’s Eight Points

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Best. Comment. Ever.

This is, without a doubt, the best comment ever on TechCrunch. Left by “J” on MG’s latest iPhone rant about the Google Voice debacle. Beautiful. AT&T: You want answers? TechCrunch: We think we’re entitled to them. AT&T: You want answers?! TechCrunch: We want Google Voice on our iPhones. AT&T: You can’t handle the iPhone with Google Voice! Son, we operate on network that has walls. … Continue reading Best. Comment. Ever.

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Recalcitrant Blue Dogs Raked In Health Industry Cash

The seven Blue Dog Democrats holding up health care reform legislation in the House Energy and Commerce Committee have received tens of thousands more dollars from health and insurance interests than other Democrats on the same committee, a new report finds. An analysis of campaign finance data by the Public Campaign Action Fund finds a fairly strong correlation between private industry donations and opposition to … Continue reading Recalcitrant Blue Dogs Raked In Health Industry Cash