Sallie Mae – Consolidation Department = screwed.


Ed is in his last year of Residency. I just graduated Design school. This is pretty much how the conversation went…

His debt > My debt

Ed: Wait. You said Sallie Mae is the one you were talking about earlier?
Me: Yep. They eliminated their entire consolidation program.
Ed: That sucks, because half my loans are private from Sallie Mae.
Me: Well. At least I know that we will suffer together.
Ed: I’m thinking about going into Family Medicine.
Me: Good for you!
Ed: That just means I will be suffering for longer than I expected.
Me: Well see….welllll see.

This happened to me as well. They’ve eliminated their loan consolidation programs as well as refinancing programs. I’m stuck paying literally $4900 a month for my med school loans for the foreseeable future. I skipped a month last month and had an $10,000 bill…

And the federal government wants to cut physician revenue by 30% if they could get away with it. It’s only going to hurt primary care docs currently starting at $110K per year in NYC. If you’re an interventional radiologist, cutting 30% out of a $600K salary doesn’t hurt much more than your inflated ego.