ZipCar’s new iPhone app will allow you to look up locations, reserve a car, and even unlock and honk remotely. Unbelievable.

Zipcar is probably one of the most valuable new companies to me as a person living in an urban area. It sames me a hell of a lot of money and it’s such a joy to use from renting the car to driving an awesome car to, now, using my iPhone to make it honk remotely. I can’t wait to make a car honk using only my iPhone. And then I’m going to unlock my Zipcar with my iPhone.

Just makes me think…the iPhone has advanced mobile connectivity between me, my friends, and my environment, at an astronomical, logarthmic rate. Without Steve Jobs and his team at Apple, we’d all still be using Motorola Razrs with clunky interfaces that wasn’t anywhere close to being a “platform.” Like I said, when Apple launched the Application Store, they created the next major operating system. And they’re well on their way…