Awesome new iPhone feature.

Find My iPhone. If you’ve ever misplaced or lost your phone, it can be somewhat traumatic. 30 Rock clip where Tina Fey lost her phone to a cabbie. Hopefully you haven’t had a 30 Rock experience, says Scott. So Find My iPhone is a service available only to MobileMe customers. If you lose or misplace your phone and you can log in to MobileMe and it will show you where you left your phone. You can send a message to your phone from the home, and it plays an alert (whether or not you left it in silent mode). And the sound alert means that you lost it at your house, the sound still plays so you can walk around to find it.

If phone really is lost or stolen, you can also send it a remote wipe command to delete all of your data. Erase contacts, mail, and everything. And if you find it again, you can plug it in and it will restore from backup. Alright, I’ll grant you, pretty cool.