The backlash is starting Obama…

Don’t try to screw with the fastest growing and most profitable industry in America. It’s a $2.5 trillion free for all. The Men profiting off that $2.5 trillion will start bringin’ out the muscle to protect themselves…

Read the rest of the story on CNN:

These ads are part of a $1 million campaign — part of the effort by the group to warn of the dangers if the U.S. imposes a government-run health care system.

That group is bankrolled by Rick Scott, who runs a chain of urgent care clinics in Florida and a former CEO of the hospital chain Columbia/HCA. Now those who want to see an extensive health care overhaul are targetting Scott focusing on his former corporation’s financial problems and fraud allegations. It agreed to pay $1.7 billion in fines and penalties, but Scott was never criminally charged.

Health Care for America Now, a coalition including unions and activist organizations, has launched a $100,000 ad campaign highlighting the problems with Scott’s previous corporation problems and says “Now Rick Scott is trying to block health care reform because he and his insurance company friends make millions from the broken system we have now.”

The government doesn’t run anything well. I favor market-based approaches to health reform. However, I do not favor a continuation of the current market principles.

I favor the government stimulating innovation and relaxing regulations so that healthcare startups can disrupt the current players with new, more efficient business models that profit from wellness rather than sickness.

I can’t think of a single top-down innovation that disrupted the status quo for the better. Can anyone else?