Welcome to my ‘our hello health’ blog

Thank you Gordon…here is the introductory post on our new health professional site, “Our Hello Health” I’m so happy to be a member of a team of people all working so passionately to make the lives of physicians and their patients a much more enjoyable experience. It’s great to have leaders like Gordon on our team. I’m honored. He’s a real pioneer in making healthcare better.


Ever since I realized that the practice of medicine was messed up I’ve been searching for ways to make it right.  I learned quality improvement, process improvement, simple and realistic approaches to measurement.  I learned about open access, office efficiency, the Chronic Care Model.   All these parts were great but failed to fully solve the problem.

I opened a prototype practice in February 2001 to put all the components I knew into one space.  I was able to mash up bits and pieces of technology that made it possible for me to focus more of my time and effort on the patients I serve.  This worked pretty well and caught the attention of colleagues looking to reduce the gap between the ethical practice of medicine and what they are forced to do every day in their jobs.

In December 2008 Jay Parkinson sat me down and showed me what he’s been building with Hello Health and Myca and I was totally blown away.  For the first time I saw a doc using his computer to enhance and enable communication with his patients.

Since December 08 I’ve been caught up in the whirlwind of innovation and activity that is a breath of fresh air in an otherwise stultifying and toxic health care environment.  Finally there is a venue where the rules of the game actually supports the care we want to deliver, where the incentives are lined up behind doing the right thing for our patients.

In time the insurance industry will recognize the improved quality of care, improved experience of care and the ability of practices like this to make health care more affordable for all.  The business community will be the ones to lead them there.  The business community is already coming around and asking how they can engage with this level of care for their employees.

This community is growing.  We are redesigning the way health care is delivered.  We are not shackled by the policies thwarting our professional ideals.  In this community I feel like I’ve finally come home.

L. Gordon Moore MD