Wow! Thank you AllScripts!

This is great! I’d love to see this “Alliance” of all the world’s greatest designers of badly designed health care IT. Come see how you too can make a shitload off Obama’s handout to the Windows 95 health care IT industry. Brought to you by AllScripts, one of the best bad designers. Don’t worry competitors! There’s plenty to go around! It’s like Healthcare IT welfare! Thank you Obama, but you’re making a terrible mistake.

Allscripts is expanding its commitment to bring stimulus information direct to you. Don’t miss the first ‘virtual tour stop’ of our new EHR Stimulus Tour!

Fueled by the EHR Stimulus Alliance, a coalition of our industry’s innovation leaders, the EHR Stimulus Tour is an effort dedicated to educating the nation on opportunities aligned with the Stimulus Package. Through a series of seminars, webcasts, local meetings and national conferences, the tour delivers the all the information and expert insight you need to be ready for big changes in healthcare.