With this technology, every time asthmatics use their rescue inhalers, the inhalers—with built-in GPS—will be able to pinpoint exactly where they are. This lets doctors and researchers know where to study, allowing them to detect what is triggering the attacks and possibly even uncovering why people suffer from the lung disease in the first place.

Gizmodo | GPS-Enabled Inhalers Help Doctors Pinpoint Asthma Triggers and Causes
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While I think this is great, I can’t wait to eliminate the need for these kinds of weird, super expensive devices. Everyone has a mobile phone and the next major operating system is the iPhone…so instead of these medical devices that cost I’m sure a shitload simply because it’s labeled “medical,” give them all iPhones preloaded with a super simple Asthma app. But the medical world needs a platform that allows you to send all kinds of various information about your condition to your profile in the platform. Seamlessly, easily, and location aware, much like Foursquare or Daytum or Twitter.

And then there needs to be a doctor or another kind of specialist that can use this information to help you on the receiving end.

Well, I can’t wait…that platform is being launched in just a few months and open to doctors and patients all over the US. Stay tuned…it’s going to rock the “we’re stuck in 1982” health care world.