The best summary of the Hello Health performance at the PSFK conference last week.

BUILDING HEALTHY BRANDS WITH HEART, Richard Fine, Help Remedies & Jay Parkinson and Sean Khozin, Hello Health

Summary: Simplify my healthcare.

Panel discussion on the state healthcare from both product and services points of view. Both Help and HelloHealth have identified the shortcomings of a medical system that has placed the continued success of the medical business machine ahead of the care of patients. Medications are developed to satisfy marketing departments and product schedules and don’t have any connection to actually making you feel better.

Medicine cabinet is the saddest place in your house

– Richard Fine

Help strives to strip away all the marketing bullshit that surrounds over the counter medication that creates confusion in the remedy aisle a the drugstore. Simple packaging, no additives or special formulas. They are striving for the essentials and simplicity in delivery of medical care product.

Healthcare Industrial Complex

“I get paid to $10000 to treat asthma & $300 to prevent it. The system is broken.”

“Doctor gets 6%-7% of each dollar spent on healthcare. The rest goes into supporting the insurance billing system”

“We spend 1 hour with a doctor, 8,764 hours without a doctor”

Hello Health seeks to position itself outside of the standardized healthcare system that has been constructed as a billing system for insurance companies rather that a care system for patients. By removing the middle man from the health care equation they propose that health insurance be used for the catastrophic needs, not for everyday sniffles or routine care.

You don’t use car insurance for an oil change. Why use health insurance for routine care?

Hello Health is a platform that creates a social network, between patients and doctors, allowing one to find a doctor that a a good fit, rather than one that happens to be in their insurance network. Doctors sign up, create a profile and are available via email, IM, video chat. Your health records are all online and your care is portable.

This was a combination presentation and panel which, format wise, was the best as it allowed the audience to see work as the presenters wanted it to be seen and then discussed within the panel. Colin Nagy also did a great job of being a moderator, which in these situations is usually best done by staying out of the way and gently guiding the conversation.

The best summary of the Hello Health performance at the PSFK conference last week.