My talk at Pecha Kucha NY this evening. It was like speed dating, but for good ideas.

Also, for those interested, there are screenshots of our soon-to-launch app inside the deck. There is also a screenshot of how we’re using Twitter to find patients who need us. You can expect to see this feed embedded into the doctor’s dashboard in Hello Health in the near future.

The guys at Ghava do some amazing work. Couple Ghava with the amazing 20 member development team we have at Myca and we’ve got ourselves a winner.

The vast majority of my days are spent at Ghava’s studio working side by side with them to design the application. It’s amazing because it’s like the perfect mix of a forward-thinking doctor’s need for practicing in the internet era and their damn near perfect sense of beatiful, minimalist, yet uber-functional web design sensibility. The design is very much a study and implementation for best practices on the web. They obviously immediately get the web, how it works, how best to use it, and how best to use it for communication.

Can’t wait to launch hello health…