The AIG bonuses are the government’s fault

In the rush to put the bird-brained dinosaur on life support, were there no rational stipulations to these handouts?

Here is $700 billion dollars, go crazy and, attaboy, continue doing what you’re doing?

No, they simply handed them money without putting reasonable stipulations on that money.

For example:

  1. No bonuses. Renegotiate the contracts if you want the money. Sorry, deal with it.
  2. Sell your corporate jets. Sorry, deal with it.
  3. No salary can be over $1 million dollars per year. You can quit, but nobody is going to hire a greedy asshole from AIG. Sorry, deal with it.
  4. Report to us weekly about how you are restructuring your company to prevent something like this from happening again.

And now we have all the government people calling for these guys to off themselves because they failed to fully think through what would happen if we wrote AIG a blank check. Those who wrote the blank check should be just as ashamed as AIG.