I spent all morning at Seth Godin’s.

Seth invited me to speak to his group of 10apprenticeship/not-internship/graduate school/charm school track-changing opportunity” people who are working with him for six months to foster their creativity. He wanted me to talk about “the business of health care.”

He did an amazing job gathering a remarkable group of people with great ideas and strong ambition. The one characteristic I look for in anyone – a friend, a co-worker – is curiosity. It’s what drives great thinkers. We talked about Hello Health and the health care industry in general for three hours. I showed them the screenshots of the next version of Hello Health (it looks absolutely beautiful thanks to Ghava).

I met Jon Dale at Seth’s and he told me about this amazing concept, called Medi-Share to replace traditional health insurance. Medi-Share is:

A member-based program where members share in each other’s healthcare costs.

Each month, Medi-Share matches up member’s monthly share amounts with other member’s eligible medical needs and facilitates the direct sharing of those costs between them.

As a Medi-Share® member, you’ll receive a monthly notice indicating the amount of your share. Access the secure member website to determine which members you are sharing with each month.

It’s a Christian organization that has to remain non-profit and “faith-based” because that’s the only way they can defend themselves against the insurance companies that have repeatedly sued them and their quite disruptive concept. Jon’s father started another company called the Karis Group. Jon uses Medi-Share for protection from financial ruin (the proper definition of insurance) and, when needed, his father’s company negotiates better prices for expensive health care.

Anyone purchasing traditional health insurance is simply paying a huge premium for poorly managed health care to an industry that wants to spend as little as possible on you.

Looks like here’s a slam dunk solution. Medi-Share and Karis Group to facilitate payment for health care/protection from financial ruin and Hello Health for access to convenient health care. Quite nice.