Dear New York State Attorney General Andrew Cuomo – save $97 million

Cuomo wants to create a not-for-profit entity that ensures objective, transparent and reasonable out-of-network insurance pricing for individuals in New York…obviously an amazing thing to do.

However, he wants to spend $100 million to do this.

Spend $100 million on a project that costs $3 million?

The project Cuomo wants to spend $100 million on is already built by change:healthcare, one of the few great healthcare startups out there. Think of change:healthcare like Google Analytics on your website, but for health care prices. They expose the actual costs of health care, something the insurance companies are desperately trying to keep away from you and from one another. Keep people ignorant, control the data, and they control the profits.

It’s dirty and dishonest in this age of transparency.

And change:healthcare is the only relevant company out there exposing health care prices making our world more transparent. Of course, against the wishes of those few people who control the profits of that $2.5 trillion health care industry.

And this $100 million project? Politics and bureacracy will render it useless.

Spread the word, because I like the internet, I like startups that do something for $3 million instead of $100 million, and I’d like to devote that $97 million to 32 other startups that can expose information and disrupt the status quo.

Remember, the waste, the lack of transparency and free market principles, and the inner deals that happen behind the scenes in this $2.5 trillion dollar a year health care industry is damn near equivalent to the entire bailout package – EVERY YEAR.

Dear New York State Attorney General Andrew Cuomo – save $97 million