Sean, Devlyn, and I spoke at the Apple Store in Soho last night to a crowd of about 50 people who were gracious and interested enough to trek out in the cold to hear all about Hello Health. It was a much different format than we’ve ever done. Just a 10 minute introduction to Hello Health, a tour of the new platform, and then about an hour and 15 minutes of discussion. I was absolutely fascinated by the depth of the questions from the audience. There were friends, artists (the above drawing was done by Jason Polan – the amazing artist behind the Every Person in New York project and the artist who drew the new Hello Health movies you’ll see when we launch our new site soon), cancer survivors and the gentleman who runs an online community of 500,000 cancer patients called, other health professionals, alternative health professionals, Organized Wisdom, and many others I’m sure I’ve failed to mention.

This is what Hello Health is about – a discussion involving health professionals, patients, and anyone else who wants to join to make health care better.