Thank you Obama, for getting it.

You’ve inspired a nation of young people to, once again, be optimistic about our future and believe in the capability of our collective minds to make this world a better place.

Obama won this election, not simply because he was an inspirational man, but also because his team ran his campaign like Apple introduced the iPhone. They blanketed America with a coveted product, a brand, and a belief that ideals, hope, and progress are our greatest assets.

It’s no wonder Advertising Age named him Marketer of the Year.

Most importantly, his campaign embraced technology and the new way of communicating with people. He inspired them to believe and then turned a whole generation of millennials loose who naturally used their greatest tool, the Internet, to spread the word of his greatness.  In doing so, he left the doofus who didn’t even understand email, way, way behind him in a landslide vote. This was the election of social networking. This was the year boomers, like Barack Obama, embraced the young people of America and realized there’s endless power in loose virtual social connections and idealism.

Talented boomers, combined with the innate skills of millennials to connect and communicate with one another, is the wave of the future for damn near everything – building a business, building a campaign, and changing the world.

“Our parents killed bad ideas with music. We kill bad ideas with new business models.”

This campaign, of course, was a brand new business model.

Thank you for embracing this Obama. You’re a genius. All I ask is that you continue to do this in government. Take what you learned from your campaign and apply that technology and communication to government agencies and eliminate the bureaucracy and hierarchy and streamline those inefficient processes we all hate. You’ve got 8 years. You can do it.