Taking Doctors’ Pulse

The wait to see an internist can be as long as 17 days for new patients and six days for regular patients, the survey found. The longest mean average wait times for new-patient office visits was 24 days.

Lest you are tempted to dismiss these results as the whinings of a privileged class of affluent people, it is time to jettison doctor stereotypes. The average primary care physician, gatekeeper for most health plans, makes $72,000 per year. Medical students begin practice with an average debt of $170,000.

We as doctors are getting killed here folks.  And out of the $2.3 trillion we spend on healthcare in a given year, docs only take home about 10% of that.

The middlemen are killing us – both patients and doctors.

Taking Doctors’ Pulse

“I don’t rely on the doctor anymore. These days, you have to look out for yourself.” :(

Geez…the profession is in such a bad state.  And it’s so interesting because doctors are the point people of the health care industry.  We are the point of contact of the large hospital institutions, the pharmaceutical industry, and everyone else making a killing on the backs of doctors and patients all across the nation.  As a matter of fact, doctors take home just over 10% of the $2.3 trillion spent on healthcare every year.  The other 90% goes to hospitals, pharmaceutical companies, and middlemen.

So we get “blamed” because we are the physical face of this godawful situation.

For all my non-doctor readers, please understand it’s not our fault.  We’ve been hijacked by a lot of people and organizations who are using us to make them a lot of money.

Hang in there everyone – doctors and patients. The way Hello Health is going, we’ll be able to bring back that trusted, valued relationship soon enough.  Stay tuned…

I spent the day at the Department of Health and Human Services talking with Benjamin Sasse, the Assistant Secretary for Planning and Evaluation for the US Department of Health and Human Services.

It went well.


“I don’t rely on the doctor anymore. These days, you have to look out for yourself.” 😦

School of Everything

Wow…this is amazing.  From Cory Doctorow at BoingBoing:

“Last night, I attended the launch of School of Everything, a new web service that acts as a kind of eBay for people who have something to teach. Potential teachers list their areas of expertise (anything from knitting to programming to driving to yoga to TIG-welding to whatever) and potential students find teachers with a simple search that can be geography bounded (for in-person instruction) or not (for online instruction). It’s one of those great, simple, smart ideas that make you want to smack your head and say, "Why didn’t I think of that?”“

School of Everything