An IM chat I just had…

hey jay… im have a management-production company in beverly hills. we represent writers, directors and actors. im very curious about your practice… curious if u would be interested in exploring it as a tv show

thanks for contacting me. i’ve gotten about ten offers in the past year but I’m not interested. it’s really not my thing plus i don’t want to involve any of my patients in any of this media stuff. i appreciate it though.

can we steal your idea 

for what?
were good at that in hollywood
honeslty… i thnk this is something A&E would buy
its like dog the boutny hunter
but set in the medical world
ha. i’ll just save this conversation and make my billions in the future  once you’ve stolen it
i read about u on trendcentral email this morning
yeah i know. people love this whole thing. but we’re definitely onto something here and i think we can change a good bit of the heatlhcare system by making this very legitimate and not all over the media
are there other people who practice in a similar fashion?
but if its done the right way… there is no better way to get hte message out there
think of the tv show as your infomercial to your practice
i know that sounds cheesy
but… we can put together a good team
i hear you. but i do not want any private matters on the air. it’s not what this is about.
that is understood but everything wouldnt be subject to air
and everyone always wants to use my patients and that’s simply not going to happen.
we would control that
ask oprah 
the closest anyone came to getting me to agree was making this some sort of dramedy. big names were involved but i didn’t want to give it the time.
well… what if i got bigger names
my company represents eminem, jeff bridges, liv tyler, ryan philipe, wesley snipes, justin timberlake, gwen stefani and many more
lets do it!
gwen can play your wife ha
let’s chat in the future…gwen’s way too old!!!
how old are u?
im not done with u
dont want to keep you from your work
but i like the dramedy idea
yeah it’s not so bad
fictional stuff
what if i got the guy who created entourage to write it for hbo
its fascinating what i’m doing and seeing. it’s definitely a good time.
that wouldn’t be bad
i’d be into working with you in creating something like that. it’s a timely issue and the system is completely messed up. something needs to change and a lot of people are looking at this as one of those changes.
i will talk to some people on my end
and stay in touch
talk to you later