The Hello Health Launch Party was last night.

It was an absolute blast with over 130 people here to help celebrate.  We gave tours of our office and everyone’s comment was either “This looks like an ultra-mod hotel” or “It looks nothing like a doctor’s office.” That made me happy.  We’ve done a good job outfitting the space.  It’s a perfect mixture of the old and the new in it’s decor.  And it’s only getting better.

The whole team from Quebec came down to help celebrate.  People flew in from all over the US and Canada.  My parents were here.  Friends, family, the Organized Wisdom guys, ZocDoc, Vespa, Help I Need Help, The Barbarians!, all kinds of interested doctors I connected with online and had yet to meet in person.  It was such a good time…

The Hello Health dream became very real last night.