An update on Hello Health

Things are going very well here in Williamsburg.  We’re seeing new patients at a steady rate and, most importantly, every single person who walks out of our office has a smile on their face.  They made their appointment online, told us everything they wanted us to know about their story online, and then came in to talk more with us and be physically examined.  They even leave with a full course of free generic medication if needed.  The monthly fee is $35 and the first visit is free.  There is no contract that locks you in for any period.  It’s just pay the monthly fee and have peace of mind that you no longer have to frantically search Google to self-diagnose.  You just fire off an email or make your appointment today or tomorrow when you need your doctor.

The whole premise of Hello Health is that we streamline processes and eliminate inefficient waste in primary care.  We’ve used technology along with a credit/debit card we have on file with you to simply design a process that makes everything so pleasantly simple, it’s almost fun. Of course, it’s quite a stark contrast to the current system that has completely forgotten about how confusing and utterly stupid all this bureaucracy and waste is to a person who simply needs an accessible doctor.

At the end of the day today, a 60-something year old cardiologist from LA walked in the door and said – you must be Dr. Parkinson.  He’d been following the Hello Health story for quite some time.  He said the place looks gorgeous and wanted to meet Sean, Devlyn, and myself.  His mother, an 88 year old holocaust survivor, lives in “the projects” down the street.  He was wondering if Sean could do regular house calls to check in on her.  I said unfortunately we don’t take Medicare.  But he said:

“That’s ok – I’ll just go online from LA and manage everything for her, make her appointments, and pay for them myself.  I just want to know that someone will be taking care of her.  And I love what you guys are doing.  Maybe someday I’ll be part of your system.”

This is what Hello Health is all about.  Delivering quality care at an affordable price that today’s health insurance simply won’t pay for.  It’s not just about hipsters.  It’s also about their parents, grandparents, and great-grandparents who happen to live in an urban neighborhood.  Luckily, even though 88 year old mothers aren’t all wired on the internet, they have a son or granddaughter who can manage their health for them via the internet from anywhere in the world.

I’m happy to say it’s a whole new world folks.

My next speaking engagement is at the Department of Health and Human Services on September 11th with the Assistant Secretary of Health and Human Services.  I don’t know if it’s open to the public, but I’ll sure find out.

Tie credit card payments and your medical records together with you and your doctor communicating digitally and in-person from within that medical record and you’ve got the first step toward turning the healthcare system into Amazon or eBay.

Me (in an email thread from yesterday)

Health Blog : Obama Says Single-Payer Health Care Makes Sense

If there’s anything that could destroy our health care system and make it look even more like the post office, it’s government-run health care.  Why not eliminate the incentives for doctors to practice more care and do costly procedures at the expense of the consumer?  That would be a step in the right direction.  But government run anything is probably the worst solution to anything.  Trust me, I worked at the Maryland State Department of Health.  I saw all kinds of people just dying for the weekend and retirement just doing enough to get by.

Come on Obama.  You’re smarter than that.

Health Blog : Obama Says Single-Payer Health Care Makes Sense