Thinking differently.  It’s the key to success…especially when dealing with fractured, broken processes.  Hello Health is doing just that.  Hello Health is, on a superficial level, all about consumers and increasing access to a communicative doctor.  However, at it’s core, Hello Health does one thing – we fix the one main problem that plagues our healthcare system – a broken process of healthcare delivery with multiple, inefficient, unnecessary steps required to receive, administer, and pay for healthcare.    

I’m a huge fan of Toyota Lean and using this method to streamline processes of anything – it can be manufacturing a car or receiving healthcare.  At each point of a process, at each step, something can be done to either eliminate that step, save time, or reduce errors.  This is the core of Hello Health.  Our patient flow diagram is about half the size and complexity of a traditional healthcare visit.  It’s just one of the ways we can afford to charge a very reasonable price for high quality, valueable healthcare.