This is the first of many Hello Health ads directed by the one and only Ben Dickinson, a lovely and damn intelligent guy. He’s quite an accomplished director. He did the latest LCD Soundsystem video North American Scum (amongst many others).

And we also saw the first ideas from The Barbarian Group yesterday.  They’re total geniuses and I can’t wait to see the final website and marketing strategies they come up with for Hello Health.   

Are we starting a revolution?  Sure, why not?  Or maybe we’re just paying attention to the obvious – that traditional doctors are inaccessible and feel that they don’t have to play by consumer rules and expectations in this modern, connected, technologically advanced culture.  Maybe we’re just creating a national brand of healthcare delivery by creating the most powerful platform in healthcare, partnering with the right doctors who find us and would make amazing Hello Health doctors, and advertising to consumers that they can have an accessible doctor.  Consumers have better things to do than wait around on this antiquated healthcare system.

I know I do.

Are we just doctors for hipsters?  Yes and no.  Of course, we could simply market ourselves to individuals within a neighborhood.  But we can also sell our services to small, medium, and large corporations who need help managing their employees’ health.  We’re their mobile urgent and primary care wellness centers.  We’ll partner with their employees to help them be happy, healthy, and out of the dreaded, expensive ERs.  Many companies spend way too much money on health insurance, especially when they have a fairly young, creative, healthy workforce.  Combine our services with a low cost, high deductible insurance plan and it’s the ideal solution for employer health insurance.  Busy people don’t have time to go to the doctor (nor should they want to), so we’ll come to you.  

Sounds interesting eh?  

We’ll be launching in a few weeks.