My life often has me straddling multiple worlds – doctor, photographer, internet guy, speaker, etc. – and one of the privileges is meeting so many interesting people that have done some very cool things but are also interested in what we’re doing with Hello Health.  Ian IM’d me a few weeks back and we finally met up in between his school and working on the … Continue reading


Change Healthcare is doing amazing things to expose actual healthcare prices to consumers.  For all of you non-healthcare people, this data is highly prized and kept secret by absolutely every player in the industry.  Everyone benefits by keeping these prices private – except consumers and especially people who have to pay cash for their own healthcare.   Check out the press release here but here’s the money quote: … Continue reading change:healthcare

External link to Why Big Health Insurance Supports the Democrats

Why Big Health Insurance Supports the Democrats

Some very interesting insight here… “DrRich’s theory, first formulated six months ago, provides the answer. In the evolution of their managed care products, health insurers finally have reached the point where they need to demonstrate their ability to grow their profits by actually managing the medical care of sick people. The notion that they can do so is, of course, absurd. Furthermore, the notion that the … Continue reading Why Big Health Insurance Supports the Democrats

This is the NYC Passport Agency.  I spent some time there today to get a renewal.  I couldn’t help but think that this is what universal healthcare would look like.  Somewhere in America, someone would gun down a doctor causing a wave of bullet proof glass to arise in all doctor’s offices.  Doctor’s could no longer touch you except through bullet proof sleeves they’d stick … Continue reading