Why the Web Is Foreign Territory

Benjamin Palmer, co-founder of The Barbarian Group, along with the other Barbarians will be doing our advertising, branding, and web-presence for Hello Health.  Here is their portfolio.  And here is an article written by Benjamin in Adweek talking about the generic problem of global brands:

“People travel in part because they are excited about cultural nuances. I love advertising in different parts of the world. It’s usually a slice of culture that’s topical and telegraphic, and I like to see how it’s different. It’s interesting to compare. Why should I travel if everything, advertising included, is the same?”

It seems to me that it’s super convenient from a client-services perspective to have one organization handling all your communications globally. I am sure it simplifies billing or something like that. And I totally get the economies of scale of producing one ad that runs anywhere. Efficiency. But the big pitch, from a creative perspective, was that your brand and advertising were going to be consistent worldwide. Which sounds like a really valuable thing, but it’s actually kind of weird, uninteresting and, ultimately, unsatisfying.“

"In fact, as the Web is increasingly showing us, having multiple streams of brand communication talking to your various audiences in various ways is most effective.”

Doesn’t this sound like how doctors should also be talking with their patients?

Why the Web Is Foreign Territory