The Dell Store

There is (probably was – I think it’s closed up shop) a Dell Store down on Broadway just south of Union Square.  

A Dell Store!

Somebody at Dell at one point had a thought – What if we could make a retail experience and actually compete with the Apple Store??

What if?

It closed and needless to say failed miserably.

Many people within the traditional healthcare industry are contacting me wanting to meet, wanting to pick my brain about “innovations in healthcare.”

We sign the NDA and we meet.

The funny thing is…Hello Health is true consumerism in healthcare.  It’s transparent.  It takes advantage of the lack of transparency in healthcare and finds the loopholes to help actual patient consumers of healthcare to spend their money wisely.  We even give our patients “free” generic medications (mostly because we have to give it to them for free because NY state has a law passed by the pharmacy industry that prohibits me from profiting from medications I dispense).  We have transparent prices.  We have private specialists who have agreed to see our patients for a specified price.  We have found an entire squadron of providers sympathetic to patient healthcare consumers and gotten them on board to agree not to price gouge our patients.  Those specialists have realized that we represent cash-paying consumers and it is a smart business move on their part – it’s cash in their pocket that day without the overhead of dealing with insurance companies.

The funny thing is…this is true consumerism in healthcare currently on a small scale.

If, and when, the traditional healthcare industry tries to copy what we’re doing, they’ll out themselves.

They simply can’t do it.  They simply can’t be transparent.  They simply can’t care about your pocketbook.

And therefore, they simply can’t compete.  And they’ll look like fools just like that poor empty Dell Store.