“Well…you can have his gun now.”

The embodiment of one of the biggest public health threats in America is now dead.  I guess this is the end of all of those who claim it is our right as individuals to own guns “as a well-regulated militia.” Of individuals.  Of individuals who have nothing to do with a well-regulated militia.  

When I first visited Quebec City (population 717,000), the team at Myca were proud to inform me that they didn’t have a single murder in 2007.  Interesting eh?  Not even a lover’s quarrel.

Of course people will say that it’s people that kill people.  Not guns.  It’s easy to simplify complex issues in the Heston Universe so we can have some nice media soundbites.  As we all know, it’s much more complex than that.  

I swear…I actually think the best solution to gun violence in America is the Chris Rock Bullet Policy – don’t ban guns. But bullets should cost $5000.

I’m serious.