The advantages of hellohealth for physicians.

Physicians want:

1.  More money….check.

2.  Freedom….double check.

3.  Quality…check.

4.  Efficiency…triple check.

5.  Professional Respect…check.

6.  Personal relationships so they can do their job well…check. 

The consumer will save you if you give them a reason to save you.  The brand will save you.  The reputation, word of mouth, and the absurdity of using modern technology to bring back the nostalgia of your own neighborhood physician who partners with their patients to optimize their health…all of these will save you.

I had a patient yesterday send me a photo via her mobile phone of a developing impetigo.  She took the photo in front of three of her friends.  Her friends asked her what she was doing.  She replied, “I’m taking a photo of this so I can send it to my doctor.”  All three were stunned.  

And I just picked up three new clients.

You gotta love using technology to differentiate yourself from an industry stuck in 1996 because they don’t realize that people pay for service if that fee is reasonable.

There’s help on the horizon for all the physicians out there who feel stuck.