The Industry is smarter Hillary.

Multiple people within the Industry have already come up with multiple ways to loophole around all of these mandates and restrictions the Democrats want to put in place.

Let the games begin.  The profits will win.

The Industry is a bit like Colbert, they’re already five steps ahead of you. 

Financing reform without care delivery reform would be a major operational and economic error. Care delivery in the U.S. is uncoordinated, unfocused, inconsistent, unmeasured, extremely inefficient, perversely incented, excessively expensive and sometimes dangerous.
Health care delivery is, however, the fastest growing and most profitable segment of the whole U.S. economy.

George Halvorson, CEO of Kaiser Permanente

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The troops in Iraq…

Jeff Goldsmith is here in Quebec visiting Myca and helping us create our vision, our technology, and our strategy to bring Hello Health to market as best we can.  We had dinner together this evening and he enlightened me about something I hadn’t yet read anything about.  

Our troops on the front line are fighting a war and solving problems at the local level using consumer technologies like iPhones and text messaging completely unsanctioned by their ignorant officer leaders.

Our own military leaders have not yet embraced simple communication technologies embraced by every single one of our young “Millenial Generation” troops.

So be it, they fend for themselves using unsecured text messaging to communicate with one another about things that are happening on the ground on the front lines as they are happening.  

The problem is, they’re fighting an insurgency using the same tools but in a far more sophisticated way.  The insurgency are the same age as our troops using the same tools but organized in a far more intuitive, virtual way via the internet.  

They’re unstoppable.

Especially using the tools the Boomer Generation officers have chosen to implement.

It’s the typical cat and mouse scenario and we’re losing another war because the leaders of our military don’t yet understand the power of grassroots level technology – “What’s MyFace?!”  

I feel the same way.  The leaders of our healthcare industry don’t yet get technology and the power of embracing an engaged consumer with a platform, a service, and their own neighborhood doctor that talks the way they talk.   

Thank you Jeff. 

As an industry –as a business model –health care is winning. It is taking everyone’s money with an amazingly low level of accountability for the product it

George Halvorson, CEO of Kaiser Permanente