Changing behavior.

Yesterday, my next door neighbor poked his head into the door from the gigantic back yard we share (just one stop out of Manhattan!) and asked if I wanted to share a cup of coffee.  He’s very into sustainability and making conscious behavioral changes toward reducing waste in our environment.  His lifestyle is quite admirable and impressive how he can be surrounded by the waste of NYC and not get discouraged.  

Unhealthy behavior is the single largest threat to human beings.  

How do we get people to change their behavior for the better?  I’m not talking about the ones already motivated to change their behavior.  I’m talking about the masses.

I said, “The single, greatest example of changing human behavior for the better from the top down was the 1964 Surgeon General Report Smoking and Health.”

It changed over a quarter of adults’ very addictive behavior.

What is it going to take to change the behavior toward food and exercise in America that will decrease obesity by 25% like the anti-smoking movement?