No you can’t click on that photo to make it larger.  That’s as large as you are going to get with the latest and greatest preview to eclinicalworks VERSION 8.0!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thank you Sergeant eclinicalworks for the preview.  That interface looks about as  intuitive as something designed by the military.  I’m glad I can’t see it.  I wouldn’t want to steal any amazing ideas you had about that highly proprietary new way to organize lists and tabs.  

Why are EMR companies so ashamed to show us their interface?  

That’s a rhetorical question of course.  Because they all suck and suffer from groupthink.  

But of course this is the vendor the NYC Department of Health chose to help NYC physicians subsidize the cost of this EMR.  For a mere $4000 you too can have a piece of crap.  What a waste…