Alternative Medicine = Paid

If a medical doctor labels him/herself as an “alternative” physician who practices more than just Western medicine (possibly a holistic, functional, or integrative medicine) because Western medicine ain’t the magic potion cure-all, it seems to me that patients are much more willing to pay out of pocket for such services.  You can even drop insurance all together and strictly take cash.  

It’s genius self-marketing and humble thinking to realize that the God many doctors worship (Western Medicine/the Pharmaceutical Industry/Expensive procedures for chronic disease) fails too often.  

Now all we need are solid studies backing the efficacy of alternative options.  Unfortunately, many alternative treatments cannot be bottled up and sold to the masses in ugly brown pill bottles for $150 a month.  And sometimes (I know it’s heresy) maybe it’s ok to simply say “If human beings in other cultures have been using this therapy for thousands of years, I don’t need any damn research to "suggest” to me that this treatment works.“