I’m in Orlando for the HIMSS conference surrounded by McEverything and Mickey Mousecrap.  Is it just me or is Orlando possibly the worst city in America?

I’m sure the HIMSS conference will be full of wonder.  Wonder as in I wonder how tens of thousands of people across America all collectively think that technology bloat is a good idea and a screen jam packed with useless information somehow makes that information useful?  

200 data points + 15 Tabs + 50 Pull Down Menus = 1 ridiculously confused doctor.  

I’m still looking forward to those few companies out there who are actually innovating.  The problem is…no matter how much you innovate in the world of healthcare IT, very few physician users of this technology believe in it’s value.  I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, give one person five pieces of crap to choose from and they’ll choose a piece of crap.  Give them a product that has questionable ROI in the face of ever-decreasing salaries and I can understand why it’s so hard to simply sell technology.  

Of course, until someone comes up with a business model that brings in an extra $75,000 per doctor just for using the technology (without selling direct to consumer ads), an intuitive interface that makes total common sense to anyone, with open source standards as the backbone, a HIMSS in Orlando will exist.  


I hope I’m pleasantly surprised.  If anyone is here and wants to grab a drink, please call or text.