External link to The Problem With Music by Steve Albini

The Problem With Music by Steve Albini

This is a classic essay about the current state of the music industry.  It was written probably 8 years ago but continues to be the status quo.  I’ve always felt so badly for up and coming bands who fall victim to all the promises from the record labels.  Sign this contract and you’re dreams will come true…  Now replace that up and coming band with … Continue reading The Problem With Music by Steve Albini

External link to Scienceline » The Return of Dr. House

Scienceline » The Return of Dr. House

The untapped market… Someday soon, we’ll unveil our business model.  It’s damn near genius. The healthcare industry and the music industry are in the same boat.  Both can be disheveled by technology.  Unfortunately, the healthcare industry has a tight knit group of people in very high places (even this jackass president’s own family) who are making a hell of a lot of money creating new … Continue reading Scienceline » The Return of Dr. House

This is the view from my balcony of this ultra-mod and trendy Orlando hotel.   This is also the soap included in the room. If you are wondering why I took such a beautiful photo and also deliberately included my bath soap, wonder no more.  The view from my window is about as pretty as Orlando gets – the view represents the potential technology could … Continue reading


I’m in Orlando for the HIMSS conference surrounded by McEverything and Mickey Mousecrap.  Is it just me or is Orlando possibly the worst city in America? I’m sure the HIMSS conference will be full of wonder.  Wonder as in I wonder how tens of thousands of people across America all collectively think that technology bloat is a good idea and a screen jam packed with … Continue reading Orlando/HIMSS