Product Demos

If you really want to know how entirely backwards the entire medical software industry is…try and find information out about a product.  You have to schedule a product demo appointment to hold your hand through the stupidly complex interface.  Maybe that’s why they always need you to schedule an appointment…because interacting with these systems is so unfriendly?

All I want is to view a product’s webpage, see screenshots, basic functionality and features, and have the opportunity to go in depth if I want.  Instead, these stupid webinar product demos are all I get.  

Please EMR people.  Go back to Sales 101.

This doesn’t happen in any other industry in the world.  I’m so glad we at Myca are only looking at other industries and applying their tactics to healthcare.  It’s the only way to go…

Hmmm…speaking of that…wouldn’t it be nice to schedule your appointment the same way you schedule an appointment for the Genius Bar at the Apple Store?

Four months.  Williamsburg.