I flat out oppose universal health insurance.

This article in Business Week highlights the main problem with mandating health insurance.  I used to scoff at Massachusetts’ mandate because the fine was so laughable, but now it’s getting serious.  By the end of 2008, an individual will pay in fines half of what it costs them to purchase health insurance.  The main problem is…health insurance is too expensive.

That’s a profound statement eh?  Bet you didn’t know that.

This is what the government, not only the government, but also the democratic jokes that are running for president, are saying to you:

“Because we’ve allowed healthcare costs to spiral out of control and have failed you as a government to encourage widespread implementation of technology; failed to regulate the pharmaceutical and pharmacy industries who rape your wallet; failed to encourage efficient communication between providers and payors; failed to encourage a system that pays docs for quality measures rather than volume and procedures, failed to etc, etc, etc…..”

YOU are responsible for our ineptitude.  You must pay a fine that is half of the cost of insurance.  You must pay a fine that, if we did implement measures to control costs, would equal the actual price of health insurance for you.  

Fight, fight, fight the way these jokes have decided to implement universal healthcare coverage.

Instead, put our voices together to demand efficient communication, reimbursement for quality rather than quantity, fee restructuring, and widespread implementation of technology.

Screw off Hilary and Obama.  Start thinking a bit rather than pandering to an Industry salivating at the profitable opportunity for mandates.  There are two groups who win with mandates…the State and the Health Insurance Industry.

 You lose. 

You don’t believe me?  See what happens to the premiums three years from now in Massachusetts.  If you increase the risk pool and have everyone in it…the cost of insurance premiums will go down.  Right?

Yeah right.  I guarantee the insurance premiums in Massachusetts will not decrease.  Thank you for being our guinea pigs Massachusetts.  If these jokes think that a failed mandate would fail less on a nationwide scale, they have to be the biggest idiots around.  And one of them will be our president.  Damn.