FRONTLINE: growing up online | PBS

This show is likely alarming to the vast majority of people age 40 and over.  For those of us who live connected to the internet 24/7, it’s a bit obvious.  I’m just wondering (and I’m fairly positive I know the answer), how is this generation going to view “privacy” and having their health information online?  

Of course the answer is…they will expect and demand it.  It just makes sense. 

FRONTLINE: growing up online | PBS


Good news on the healthcare reform front.  The California Universal Healthcare initiative died a rightful death.  Hillary, Arnie, Mitt…they’re all smart people.  Right?  Can you believe that they’ve been so duped that they would stand in front of the entire nation and announce that their plans for solving the crisis is to throw more money to the industries that caused the crisis?  

Instead, maybe we should start streamlining processes; become cost-conscious physicians with easily accessible price information; use well-designed simple technology to enhance communication and eliminate duplicative services; and eliminate the “insurance economy” and inject free market principles into the system with truly educated doctor and patient consumers.  

Good luck healthcare.  I feel as if I’m sitting at a startup company called FedEx right now watching the US Postal Service crumble in it’s inefficiencies saying “Damn, I know we can do this a hell of a lot better.”  

The only way to solve this problem is to hop scotch around the traditional healthcare system and go directly to the consumer, provide the honest consumer experience, and rebuild it from the ground up so that one day our “competition” will be stuck…just like the USPS.  


How do people view their own health?

If anyone has any good resources on this topic, please let me know.  How do people look at their health, their wellness, and their bodies?  How does this understanding relate to their concept of where they fit on the spectrum of good health and bad health?  Any help would definitely be appreciated.